Inspirational Makeup Ad That Lets People Take Off Their Makeup Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

If you are among those people who think makeup advertisements promote nothing but vanity then this campaign is something you should definitely know about.

Dermablend Professional – a brand of cosmetics known for its heavy-duty foundations and concealers – has come up with a new initiative allowing women to express how wearing makeup helped them lead a prosperous life.

The best thing about the campaign entitled “Camo Confessions” is the fact that Dermablend has not asked models or actresses for endorsement. Instead, they asked two beautiful women from the target audience, both of whom suffer skin problems, to share how wearing makeup transformed their lives.

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Cheri’s Camo Confession:

Cheri Lindsay suffers from vitiligo which is a condition that causes de-pigmentation of parts of the skin. Here’s what she says in her testimonial:

 “All of this came within the past 3 years or so, and it was shocking to me at first, because of how much came so fast. It’s not that easy to deal with … I chose to just find an alternative, something I could put on my face that could help people look through the initial shock of, “Oh, half her face is white but she’s a black girl.”

For Cheri, makeup became a way of living life without people ridiculing her for how she looked.

Cassandra’s Camo Confession:

Cassandra Bankson has been suffering from severe acne since the third grade. She says in her confession:

“I was called “freak of nature,” “exorcist,” — and there was a point where my grandfather was actually on his deathbed, and he means the world to me, and I was told it was a good thing he was dying because he would never have to see my face again. When you hear things like that on a daily basis, it becomes really really hard to love yourself.”

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