Dogs Do Understand What Humans Say!

"Man's Best Friend" processes inflection and words.

"Who's a good boy?" 

Dog lovers have claimed for years that "Man's Best Friend" actually understands what they're saying.  Now a new study has confirmed it. Published this week, the study found that dogs don't just pay attention to tone of voice — they also pay attention to the meaning of words.

Two hundred and fifty dogs were brought into a University of Sussex lab in England. A speaker was placed on either side of the dogs' heads and the command "come" was played.

The command first sounded normal and contained "both meaningful words and emotional cues," NPR reports. But then, the researchers changed the voice inflections. 

What following was fascinating: Dogs turned their heads to the right speaker when a meaningful word was included in the command. When the commands only contained emotional cues, most dogs turned to the left.

Having an emotional discussion with your furry friend? Talk into the left ear. Giving a command? Tell it to him in his right ear. 

This study helps explain why dogs are often thought of as the perfect pet. They "love us back" and "actually see us as their family". 

Give your pet a snuggle today! 

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