10 Powerful Messages That All Parents Should See

We see dozens of ads every day, some move us, others tickle our funny bone, and there are those we find very creative and applaud their genius. However, here are 10 Public service Ads that you will never be able to forget.

The following are public service ads that are so vivid in their message and so close to the truth that they will leave you with goose bumps. 

1.   Sexual Predators Can Hide In Your Child’s Smartphone


The provocative French public service announcement is shocking enough to urge parents to consider the dangers of sexual predators online. The images show a hand - an extension of a cell phone – inside the front or back pocket of a girl or boy's pants. The image hammers home the need for parents to be on top of their child's online activity.

2.       If It Happens Once, It Could Happen Again

Domestic violence

Domestic violence against women is a problem that unfortunately affects most societies. The AWARE 'Stop the Cycle' campaign was created to educate Singaporean women and create enough awareness among them to stop abuse the first time it happens.

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3.       Don’t Talk While Driving


The Bangalore Traffic Police in India has nailed it. No words have been able to put the message across so vehemently.

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4.       Censorship Tells The Wrong Story


The image says it all. To make a point, the anti-censorship ad campaign for Reporters Without Borders purposely blurred the line between decency and reality.

5.       Certain Things Hang On Forever

Casa Do Menor

Casa Do Menor’s PSA, titled ‘Hands’, against the sexual abuse of small children, is very disturbing and the tag line, ‘Certain things hang on forever’, brings the reality almost too close to home.  

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6.       What Goes Around Comes Around: Stop The Iraq War

Iraq War

Thisis a brilliant use of media by New York-based agency Big Ant International and rightfully won them a Gold Pencil for Design for their work for Global Coalition for Peace. The posters, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, were designed to wrap around poles.

7.       It Never Goes Away

Center for Protection

This campaign by the Center for Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation (CPCR) in Thailand highlighted the long-lasting effects of child abuse. It features seniors whose experiences of child abuse come back to haunt them.

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8.       Save Paper – Save The Planet

Save Paper

This is an apt message to make people realize that saving the planet starts with saving paper. These smart paper towel dispensers were a harsh reality check, proving that the survival of the forest is directly connected to what people consume.

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9.       Bird Conservation: If You Don’t Pick It Up They Will

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa ran a series of print advertisements in 2009, featuring the remains of deceased albatross chicks who had eaten junk spread around all too commonly by people.

10.   Break The Cycle

violence against children

This campaign to end violence against children has a striking series of photos, depicting a cycle of domestic abuse that is prevalent in homes across the world. It shows how most of the children who suffer emotional or physical abuse at the hands of their family members will be more prone to act the same way in future.

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