Condescending New Dove Ad Makes Women Look Like Idiots

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign uses deception to make women feel beautiful.

The video has enraged females the world over. They feel the commercial is condescending and highlights women as gullible creatures.

Perhaps Unilever, the manufacturer of the product, has taken emotional manipulation for its marketing purposes a step too far.

In the video, we are told about a “revolutionary” magical beauty patch called RB-X that will pump self-confidence in women with low self-esteem. In two week’s time, it will boost opinions of their own beauty.

Actual women confide in a certified psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke, who is identified as a ‘distinguished scholar at Columbia University.’, about their insecurities. “

If I was more confident I would have the ability to like approach a guy maybe,” says one of them. These women join a “trial” to test the patch, maintaining a video diary to track their progress.

Dove then shows them looking radiant and beautiful as they gush about RB-X only to learn that the patch was a placebo.

The patches were just stickers. While the overall sentiment that “we’re all beautiful” is palatable, what this video does is that it makes women look naïve and vulnerable to the promise of “feeling beautiful”.

At the end of the day, all these women suffering from a poor self image jumped at the opportunity to get a self confidence path made by Unilever.

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