You Will Never Attempt A DIY Project After Looking At These Hilarious Pinterest Fails

Pinterest makes one feel like everything is as easy as talking. One look at a perfect photo with a few seemingly simple steps brings out the is inspiring enough for almost anyone to whip out their baking utensils, don a chef hat and bring out their DSLR camera.

Don't let those beautiful photos fool you. 

Numerous Pinterest fails on the Internet tell a tragic story of those who trusted the photo sharing site in helping them overcome their uselessness.

But there is a silver lining.

If nothing else, these Pinterest fails are incredible masterpieces in their own right and are certainly worth some humor value. 

Baking fails

Everyone is apparently a baker these days and Pinterest makes them more confident about their delusion. 









Photography fails







Art fails







Cooking fails









Beauty fails






And this one's the most adorable

Time to say no to D-I-Y projects?

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