Experience A Rare 'Blood' Moon Wednesday Morning

Everyone in the Americas, eastern Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Australia will have the chance to see a lunar eclipse Wednesday. Some will see a special type.

You need to look up to the sky on Wednesday!

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, you can experience the rarest type of lunar eclipse, called a selenelion or horizontal eclipse. But look quickly - this crazy trick of light will only be visible between two and nine minutes.

Most of the time, a lunar eclipse will occurs before sunrise. However, on Wednesday morning, the Earth will pass between the sun and moon, eclipsing the moon. This stunning and rare eclipse begins at 6:25 a.m. EDT and lasts through sunrise, but only on the east coast.

That means that those on the east coast will see the sun rise and moon set at the same time. The chance to see both the sun and moon simultaneously is extremely rare. 

So set your alarm clocks and get outside early tomorrow morning. Prepare to "oooo" and "aaah".  

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