Three Designers Are Taking Over Paris And Doing Good

Now here’s an act of kindness -- several in fact that make lives of people around Paris easy in their own quite but substantial way.


It’s not Robin Hood but three student designers, Sylvain Chasseriaux, Léa Bardin and Raphaël Pluvinage, are changing things around their city to help others.

The trio sneak around Paris installing brightly colored objects onto public chairs, phones, vending machines and other urban surfaces. Their mission is to make their city a more comfortable and welcoming place to live in.

They call it "Fabrique-Hacktion."



Though their gadgets are highly visible, they themselves are not. Parisians just end up finding brightly colored things like little slides trays on the receptacles in vending machines to make coins easily retrievable, coat hooks or phone charging outlets attached to walls, plastic bag recycling units and tension bands to hold newspapers against the wall of the subway.

Their project is a great example of citizen initiative to make their city better and more accessible and not to rely just on the state to make things better.

Their good intentions extend outside of Paris; all the designs are available for download on their site to encourage others get involved and do something on their own.

It is indeed a great practice, as well as motivation in self-reliance.


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