Facebook Pinpoints When Your Life Falls Apart

The Onion’s funny video shows how Facebook could tell you when your life takes a turn for the worse. But isn't Facebook already telling us this?

What if Facebook could tell us when life took a turn for the worse? And what if we could compare our lives with those of our friends to see whose life was better? In a video (see above), the Onion shows how a Facebook feature, LifePoint, would show exactly the point your life took a turn for the downhill.  

Watch how Facebook would do that above.

The Onion takes this hilarious turn on a very serious issue confronted by Facebook users ever day. We probably don’t need a “LifePoint” feature to show us when our lives turned bad or to compare our lives with those of the others. The social platform in inherently what it offers allows us every day to see what our friends are up to and then because that’s what humans do, we are subconsciously comparing whether we are doing better or worse?

Are we judging others based on the lives we lead? Are we looking at our friends’ check-ins and wondering why our life isn’t as fun as theirs? Are we “friending” more people on Facebook to feign our popularity, and why are we so upset when someone “unfriends” us only on Facebook. All of these indicate how the social platform is already being used to show how good or bad a life is

Needless to say should we blame Facebook entirely for these notions of jealousy, isolation and depression? Well it is how we use the platform and then after all, we have the choice of opting out of it!


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