5 Ways Finland Has Banned Alcohol In The Media

Maybe there’s a reason behind these strict laws in Finland.

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health in Finland, Valvira, is only looking out for its country's best interests. It has super strict laws about alcoholic beverages – not with drinking itself, but with how it’s portrayed in the media.

Here are five ways the Finnish encourage people not to hit the bottle.  

1) Don’t mix your women and your alcohol


The Scandinavians are known to be more empowered region for women – but that means there are strict laws about their portrayal in the media. Valvira banned a beer add that featured a woman saying “many things are soft,” referring to both the product and parts of her body.

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2) No famous sport stars can advertise alcohol either

Guess those equal rights for women goes both ways, huh? Well in this case they probably don’t want athletes who are glorifying alcohol consumption. This applies to advertising. Of course, sport stars can drink alcohol all they want.

3) You can’t talk about how good or bad alcohol is on the Internet

Bloggers are not allowed to discuss the wine they might have had with their steak. Also, on Facebook, restaurant owners have to employ some serious comment moderators who make sure no one mentions how good an alcoholic beverage was. Valvira was also supposedly trying to get Facebook to remove their “like” button so that locals could not like alcohol related posts. How crazy is that?

4) Duff Beer is banned

Duff Beer

Even though it started as Homer Simpson’s beer, Duff Beer exists – just not in Finland. The Simpsons are thought of as a children’s program, and authorities don’t want it to be a reason why its underage audience would be curious about alcohol.

5) Beer commercials cannot portray Santa Claus 

The same reason for banning Duff Beer applies: Authorities are fearful of children being attracted to alcohol consumption.

These may seem like very strict laws but maybe in putting a tight lid on how alcohol consumption is portrayed in the media, people will be more aware of how to drink responsibly.

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