Fitness Tip: Music to Listen to While Working Out

Need some motivation to get off the couch and get fit for summer? Add these 3 artists to your workout playlist.

Whether you are working out to stay fit, maintain a healthy appearance, or to loss a few stubborn post-holiday season pounds for summertime, you’re going to need to stay motivated during your workout.  Flooding your ears with uptempo tunes is one the best ways to keep your workout session fun and motivational.

Streaming music through the Internet’s most popular music sites like Pandora and Spotify  is commonplace these days.  What better place to utilize that stream than when pumping iron at the gym or while jogging on your favorite neighborhood trail?

Although you most likely have more than twenty favorite artists in your radio lineup, there are a few that you may consider adding to it.  These artists are known for their upbeat tunes, bass-driven sounds, and they are all widely variant in their genres.  Still, these three artists are worth listening to during your morning,noon, or nighttime workout.

If you’re ready to plug in a listen, grab your digital streaming device and type the following names into the Pandora search box:


Fela Kuti

One of history’s most musical social and political revolutionaries, Fela Kuti is the king of Afrobeat.  This genre combines jazz, funk, chanting, and other elements of predominantly beat-driven music. The Fela Kuti radio station on Pandora features the musical artistry of Kuti’s ever-talented sons Femi Kuti and Seun Ani Kulapo Kuti, as well as Brooklyn’s afrobeat band Antibalas and many other up and coming bands.  Guaranteed to touch your soul, your at-home Zumba workouts won’t be the same after listening to this groovy, hip-shaking radio station.





Designed with sounds of the past and future in mind, the Kavinsky radio station is bound to overwhelm you with a sense of nostalgia, a powerful urge to focus on your workout goals.  Kavinsky’s music may also subconsciously convince you that your current wardrobe is in dire need of an acid-washed blue jean jacket and a white Miami Vice leisure suit.  Kavinsky is a popular French house disc jockey, whose interest in zombies and apparent fondness of the 1980s decade heavily influence his unique dance tracks.  This Pandora station also features the music of Daft Punk, The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar and other electronic music heavy hitters.




Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Before American actor Marc Walhberg became a household name, children of the 1990s knew him as Marky Mark, or the Calvin Klein underwear guy, that wants “to see sweat comin’ out ya pores”.  The single “Good Vibrations” was a Billboard chart-topper in 1991 and is now a dance classic. Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch radio on Pandora is a body-rocking, positive feelings type of station that will get you singing to hits by Snap!, C+C Music Factory, and so many more of your favorites from the early 90s.  Do it - You’ve Got the Power!


What Moves You?

Surely you have a few favorite musicians that get you pumped up enough to go the extra mile every time you’re in the workout room or running on a treadmill to personal glory.  What are your favorite musicians to rock out to while getting your physical fitness routine on?  Give me a shout on Twitter@gerilynhayes and tell me who rocks your gym socks.

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