5 Airports That Star in Travelers' Worst Nightmares

Why do people claim to love traveling? Parts of it are just awful!

Nobody is all that thrilled about the traveling part of traveling, especially when it involves airports. It's a long list of waiting, bad food and germs for any passenger. Hopefully one day, we will able to travel the way The Jetsons did through teleportation. But until then we are stuck with standard airplanes and the airports that cater to them.

Here’s a list of airports that have had some really bizarre stories happen inside of them. Hopefully it won’t put an end to your travel bug – but it's bound to make you think twice about long flights and layovers.

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1) Igarka Airport, Russia

In the city of Krasnoyarsk, quite a few travelers had no other choice but to get off the plane and push it because it was literally frozen stuck to the ground, thanks to oil that had leaked and solidified in the below freezing temperatures.

2) O'Hare International Airport, Chicago

Surprisingly, this very large and not to mention important airport once lost a plane. Yes, you did not misread that, an entire airplane went missing, pulling off a disappearing act that delayed passengers for over four hours.

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3) Dubai International Airport, UAE


Dubai is a connecting point for a lot of international flights. It also happens to have a lot of traffic and is estimated to cross over 71 million passengers for this year – a high number despite having one of its terminals temporarily out of service. With very strict anti-drug policies in place, the airport is notoriously known for its strip-searches, even of famous people. It also happens to be HUGE, so getting lost ought to be avoided.

4) Corfu International Airport, Greece


Although it’s hardly the fault of the airport itself, passengers for a Ryanair flight were stuck at this airport for three whole days! They were, not surprisingly, quite traumatized by the delay which kept getting stretched until it lasted a total grand of 72 hours.

5) Italian airports: Rome’s Fiumicino and Milan’s Malpensa


Why? Because Italy is prone to transport strikes, which stops people who work at the airport from getting to work. This wasn’t a problem until this year, when airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Alitalia had to either delay or cancel flights.

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