Five Worst Super Bowl 2013 Commercials (Videos)

Super Bowl XLVII ended and Baltimore Ravens are the new world champions.

Super Bowl XLVII ended and Baltimore Ravens are the new world champions.

It is without any doubt the most anticipated sport event of the year. Everything that comes in the way be it the teams, the commercials, the half-time show or the chicken wings, holds a lot of significance before, during and after the match. Of all the Super Bowl 2013 trends, what struck us the most (and not in a good way at all) were some of the aired commercials. These campaigns cost advertisers as much as $4 million dollars for 30-seconds, so they might as well be worth the money right? Well not always unfortunately! Of course some were just downright awesome such as the Toyota RAV4 2013 ‘Wish Granted’ spot starring Kaley Cuoco but some were just plain disappointments!

Here are the five worst Super Bowl 2013 ads in our opinion:

1-      PSY and Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’

Though PSY has been a huge hit, his ad however fails to be one among the Super Bowl commercials this year. It has generated mostly negative reviews which could be because of the fact that people have had enough of Gangnam style or just plain lack of creativity!

2- Perfect Match- Bar Rafaeli’s Big Kiss

The Big Kiss has been a huge miss.’s new Super Bowl commercial is another let down for the year.

3-      Hotbots” 2014 Kia Forte Car Ad

Kia Motors have clearly missed the mark with their new commercial. With not-so-very convincing hot model robots, the ad with the tag line ‘Respect the Tech’ has failed to generate any sort of respect among the spots released for the big game this year.

4-      Coke ‘Chase’ Ad

Not only has this ‘Chase’ for the Coke created racism related controversies; it largely remains a very clichéd sort of commercial made for a football game. It lacks both creativity and luster.

5-      Bud Light: Journey

The Mojo Man played by Stevie Wonder for the new Bud Light Super Bowl 2013 commercial is a big thumbs-down with many considering it spooky and odd probably because of the voodoo element in it.

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