This Paris Restaurant Hides Ugly Customers

Social media is responding negatively to news from Paris where some restaurants (Georges) are reportedly keeping ‘ugly diners hidden'. That is so wrong and in so many ways – but not at all surprising.

A Paris restaurant has been singled out for its policy of  keeping ‘ugly diners hidden'.

While this kind of discrimination is wrong in so many ways, it is not at all surprising.

The Local reported that a former employee of the chic Parisian eatery, Georges  located in the oh-so-touristy Pompidou Centre, claimed that the restaurant owner explicitly highlighted this as their policy.

"There are beautiful people, you put them here. There are not-beautiful people, you put them there - it's really not that complicated," the former hostess told French satirical and investigative newspaper Le Canard Enchainé.

The fact that there is an official policy of seating unattractive people where they are not seen or flat out refusing them is not uncommon – for neither Paris nor any other major world metropolis (New York, Los Angeles, London etc).

Paris may be coined the city of lights, wine, food, romance, style and some might argue – magic. But there are some things that are not so unique about it, especially with respect to its restaurant/bar industry.  It’s a world of its own where a lot of absurd and highly questionable things happen.

Even though the idea of discriminating against a person based on their appearance is shocking and is obviously wrong, it happens in many ‘hip’ restaurants and night clubs.

Restaurants and bar owners  want to attract a certain crowd and create a desired illusion for potential customers. For them, an ugly person ruins this illusion.

From a business point of view it seems more like a stupid policy than a shocking one because the Pompidou is a tourist hotspot and tourists aren’t exactly known to dress in their best while sightseeing.


Therefore, discriminating against their main clientele seems like a dumb thing to do.

Apparently this absurdity extends to the retail industry as well. The same French publication had reported earlier this summer that the American clothing brand, Abercrombie and Fitch, was hiring employees at their Paris outlet  based on looks. Again, not surprising giving the mentality of the clothing industry and how they market themselves. 

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Here is a question for you.

If you were strolling through the streets of Paris and you had to choose between two café’s that had equally appealing menus, would you go to the one where all the ‘pretty people’ were eating or the one where the customers were less ‘appealing’? 

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