Want To Get Rid Of Smelly Farts? There’s A Pill For That

Your toots will smell like fresh daisies, or something, if a new pill to eliminate stinky flatulence works.

Christian Poincheval Fart Pill

Let's all thank Christian Poincheval for this windfall (see what we did there?) If this pill of his works, he is single-handedly going to relieve humanity with the mortification of smelly farts.

In fact, you could be walking around in a whiff of roses without anybody being the wiser.

What’s more, the pill is said to control bloating.

Poincheval says he was inspired to make the pill after being "nearly suffocated" by the smell of flatulence following a dinner one evening. "Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done," he admitted. The horrible experience prompted research, experimentation and “and many many tests,” after which the miracle pill finally materialized.

The “pill that perfumes your farts” is available online only for £9.99 a packet.

For the ones really worried (read: embarrassed) about smelly farts, here are some other alleged solutions:

Shreddies Underwear

Shreddies Underwear Fart Pill

This underwear by British company Shreddies is designed to stop farts from smelling by a special back panel made from cloth that incorporates a carbon-based material called Zorflex, capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average fart, neutralizes the fart vapors. The undies are reusable after a wash.

GasBGon - Black Badger

Fart cushion

The GasBGon flatulence odor control seat cushion is an air filter designed to look and feel like a conventional seat cushion incorporating a sound dampening filter as well as a carbon odor filter.

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Flatulence Deodorizer Pads

Fart pill Deodorizer Pads

Using the same life saving carbon, these pads by Flat-D Innovations, come in reusable as well as disposable variety.

They sort of put us off, don’t they? But it doesn’t matter. Thanks to Monsieur Poincheval, all we have to do is pop a pill.

So, let’s just wait for those Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and see how things go.


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