Friends Who Feel Like Family Probably Are - We Share DNA With Friends

Scientists have a new answer for why we make certain friendships.

The incredibly close bond we feel with friends isn't just forged over late nights gossiping or going on big adventures. It's genetic.

A new study reveals we're more likely to be genetically linked with our friends compared to strangers. If you've ever felt a strong, lifelong connection with a friend, even if you're very different, DNA could help explain why. 

"We have found that we share about 1 percent of our genes with our friends," study co-author James Fowler told CNN. "On average, our studies indicate we are as genetically similar to our friends so much as we are our with our fourth cousins or people who share great-great-great grandparents."

Fowler's research is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Our noses guide our friendships, the researchers found. Friends are more likely to share olfactory genes, which help determine what we smell and how we perceive it.

This might go all the way back to our early ancestors, with early humans who found blood pleasing heading out to hunt and those who liked the perfumed smell of flowers staying back to gather, CNN reports

If you've ever felt like your friends are as close as family, science is now officially in your corner. 

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