Even The Cheese Is Black. Would You Dare To Eat Japan's All-Black Burger?

We do crazy things to food in the name of creativity - and deliciousness.

Burger King in Japan recently introduced an incredible deal:

The shocking addition to their menu is not really new; they launched it for a brief period in 2012 and now it's back again. But the burger is a sight to behold. Not everyone may find it palatable, but it's certainly intriguing enough to create a buzz.

Further, it is completely edible. The bun and cheese for the Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond are made black with bamboo charcoal, and the ketchup is turned into black sauce with squid ink.

Colors and smell contribute to the first impression of food and help us reach for some or walk away. Mother Nature, being the wise one knows our human inclinations, designed its produce accordingly.

People, on the other hand, are more experimental, extending the boundaries at times to extremes.

Here some food ideas with not only taste in mind but certain color themes as well. They are bound to tickles your senses, if not your taste buds.


A cupcake perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Food In Colors


Icy Blue Cocktails

Food In Colors


Halloween Spaghetti

Food In Colors


Rainbow Jell-o shots

Food In Colors


A dark, dark cake

Food In Colors


These feisty cocktails

Food In Colors


Rainbow bread anyone?

Food In Colors


This magic potion?

Food In Colors

On the downside, many artificial food colorings pose a health risk. Though the ingredients in the Burger King’s Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond are derived from natural sources, most food colors generally used aren’t.

So experimenting is fun and each one of these delights is feisty and fun in its own way. We hope they're safe as well.

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