10 People Who Need To Be Stopped On The 4th Of July

July 04, 2014: Disasters waiting to happen. Please stop!

Fourth of July is here, which means it’s time for celebrations, fireworks and food.

But before you light that firecracker, here are some people you need to beware of. They may not realize it but they are doing things the wrong way. Way wrong.

We have to stop these people before they ruin the whole independence vibe.

Watch out and do your national duty.

The outfit disasters:

Sure, the hearts of these people are in a good place but the American flag clearly isn’t.

The animal-abuser patriots:

Tying bows and stitching costumes is one thing. But painting animal fur to show how patriotic you are is definitely something that shouldn’t be encouraged. Just look at how sad the poor horse is below:

The politically incorrect jerks:

Certainly not the best day to flaunt your arms collection. Even if it’s a paintball gun.

Tattoo freaks:

The fireworks


The fireworks idiots:

Please, exercise caution.


The irresponsible-parent patriots:

irresponsible-parent patriots

Sure, the kids look cute with fireworks and everything but this is a disaster waiting to happen.

The clumsy bakers:

People who bake 4th of July-themed cakes with mixed messages must not be encouraged. For example the creator of this PG-rated cake must be stopped:

PG-rated cake

These are not even American flags:

American flags

The nail art murderers:

OK, nail paint is not for you.

Hairy artists:

Please, have some mercy on the flag you guys!

Hairy Artists

Hairy Artists

And of course everyone who has no idea what Fourth of July actually means:

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