10 People Who Need To Be Stopped On Thanksgiving

These people mean well but they need to stop what they are doing. ASAP.

Thanksgiving is just round the corner, which means it’s time to retrieve those centerpieces from the attic and clean out your ovens. But before you thaw that frozen turkey, here are some people you need to watch out for.

They may not realize it but they are ruining the celebration for a lot of people around them. Have a look.


Disposable pie pans, they said. It'll be easier, they said. #notmynight #pumpkinpie #thanksgivingfail

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This person who has prepared a Spongebob Squarepants-inspired ham for dinner.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


Dining room table on fire. Happy Thanksgiving! @rlatulipe #thanksgiving #fire #help #smoke #hilarious

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This person who is basting the turkey the wrong (wrong) way.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


This person having a Thanksgiving dinner with Friends.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


The person who iced this cake.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


This person who has a sick sense of humor.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


This person who could’ve just used fireworks instead of his turkey.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


The one who wrecked this cake.

Hilarious Thanksgiving


And this person.



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