Ladies On Tinder Are Finding It Hard To Resist Adolf Hitler

The evil Fuhrer is looking for love -- and finding it on Tinder. Yikes.

Adolf Hitler

There’s a 22-year-old guy pretending to be Adolf Hitler on Tinder.

He promises girls he is the “final solution” to their loneliness and describes himself as “selfish, impatient and a little insecure about having one testicle.”

And guess what? Women are actually giving him a chance.

The interactions go like this:

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Even he is appalled at the response he is getting:

Adolf Hitler

No one really knows who is behind this account, but a Reddit user tindlerthrowaway claims to be the Fuhrer on Tinder.

“For a month I was a pun-slinging, dead-ringer for a chipper Adolf Hitler,” he says.

Perhaps all he wants is some attention -- and he sure is getting it:

There is a chance that he may be doing this to make a point or, perhaps, this is the best idea of fun he could drum up.

Whatever the case may be, the idea of someone masquerading as the mass murderer of Jews on a dating site and getting such a positive response isn’t sitting well with many people.

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