Glass Of Shar-Dough-Nay Anyone? How To Correctly Pronounce Tricky Wine Names.

Impress your wine snob friends by mastering the names of popular wines.

Kay-Bur-Net, Chab-less, Mur-lot and the sweet, sweet Zin-fan-dough.  

Have you ever gotten the stink-eye from a wine snob when you tried to pronounce the name of a popular wine? 

Never fear! Correct pronunciation is here! Pop Sugar Food Host Brandi Milloy tries not to laugh at her partner as he butchers popular wine names. Watch the video and see how you do! 

Did you get all of the names right? Then crack open a bottle of Sham-pag-nay to celebrate! If not, grab an ice-cold bee-ear. Cheers from Carbonated.TV!




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