New GoldieBlox Commercial Is Important For Little Girls All Over The World

California-based Goldie Blox has always been labeled as a rebel brand that wants to “get girls building” in order to aspire a new generation of female engineers.

It’s princesses versus engineers.

The goal of the construction toy company, developed by engineer and entrepreneur Debbie Sterling, is based on the following chart:

Sterling wants to change the way girls are only introduced to a limited set of playthings such as kitchen utensils, teddy bears and mostly heavily makeup-clad dolls.

She aims to “disrupt the pink aisle" with a toy that would introduce girls to the joy of engineering at a young age.

In the latest commercial – which coincides with Easter this year – Goldie Blox challenges the princess culture by spoofing the “This is your brain on drugs” public service announcement from 1987 and replacing crack with princesses.

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It shows a dolled-up Easter egg traveling along a toy conveyor belt that is lined with informative statistics about women in the field of engineering which include the following:

·         At age 2, girls start to identify with their gender

·         At age 7, girls begin to lose confidence in math and science

·         At age 13, over half of all girls are unhappy with their bodies

·         Engineering jobs are growing faster than all other jobs in the US

·         Female engineers earn 33% more than women in other fields

·         Only 13% of engineers are women. Girls are more than just princesses... they are our greatest resource

GoldieBlox has had legal issues with its previous two commercials but this one seems to be right on track. Although some still think equating dolls with drugs is a bit too extreme – and maybe it is – it can be ignored as long as little girls get to explore toys apart from princess prom dresses and Barbie makeup kits.

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