Finally, An Action Figure For Girls That Is Super Intelligent

Goldie is the anti-Barbie: a smart, industrious action figure girls can relate to.

goldieblox zipline

“Girls are so much more than pretty faces,” say the creators of “Goldie” – a doll that is everything that a regular Barbie doll is not. She is smart, strong, intelligent and much closer to reality.

Unveiled in a new commercial released this week, just in time for the holiday season, the action figure for little girls is the latest effort from GoldieBlox, a California-based company that wants to “get girls building” in order to aspire a new generation of female engineers.

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Just like the other toys created by the startup, Goldie also encourages girls to demonstrate basic engineering principles like suspension and helps build confidence in problem solving. 

Her specially designed feet that fit on axles and hands that grip are ideal for an action-packed learning experience. She is, according to the company:

“More than just a doll, her articulated shoulders, hips, knees and joints along with specially designed hands and feet are designed for action. With the included construction kit, kids learn how to build Goldie a 13' zipline and send her soaring!”

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Developed by engineer and entrepreneur Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox aims to change the way girls are only introduced to a limited set of playthings such as kitchen utensils, teddy bears and mostly heavily makeup-clad dolls.

Sterling wants to “disrupt the pink aisle" with a toy that would introduce girls to the joy of engineering at a young age.

In last year’s commercial, GoldieBlox challenged the princess culture by spoofing the “This is your brain on drugs” public service announcement from 1987 and replacing crack with princesses.

Although the company was criticized for being too extreme in its comparison of dolls with drugs, it was praised for letting little girls explore toys apart from princess prom dresses and Barbie makeup kits.

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