7 Reasons Why Bacteria Make Your Life Better

Not feeling so “ew gross” about all those germs now, are we?

There’s nothing on this world that is inherently good or evil. It always happens that there are pros and cons to anything – even bacteria. While this is not an unknown fact, a study titled Life in a World without Microbes by Jack Gilbert and Josh Neufeld sheds light on the matter by saying that a germless life can exist but it would essentially suck.

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In other words, the idea that we absolutely need certain kinds of germs to survive is not a fixed statement. Ever heard of the phrase, without the sour, the sweet is just not sweet enough? Well apparently germs make up part of the sweeter parts of life.

So without further ado, and with some OCD induced hand washing, here’s a few reason why you ought to be grateful for those little buggers that infest your gut and another germ riddled places.

1) Because pooping is necessary, even good for you. 

pooping bacteria digestion relief

It’s true. The study does not deny the significant role bacteria play in the digestion; the process does not come to a stop without it. People can survive without their gallbladders, which release bile into your tract to help with digesting fats. But at the end of the day, we like going to the bathroom and feeling relieved!

2) All of those Chinese takeout memories…  

bacteria fungi chinese food

Chinese food! Or what is simply called food in China. Either way, this much loved cuisine has certain ingredients which are possible thanks to a kind of fungi called aspergillus oryzae and peiococcus soyae, often found in sake, soy sauce and miso. How many family dinners would be lost without these guys?

3) It can’t be a coincidence that YOLO rhymes with froyo! 

bacteria dairy froyo icecream

Bacteria are used to make yoghurt and other dairy products such as cheese. So naturally, life would suck tremendously without the fruity goodness of ice cream and froyo.

4) The moment you bite into a hearty steak and the world is colorful again.

Yes, without certain bacteria, the report suggests that cows would die out first, leaving us unfortunate carnivores to suffer in silent misery under the tyranny of vegans and vegetarians in a meatless world.  

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5) Our immune system would be so out of practice, Sun Tzu would turn over in his grave.

Our immune systems don’t need to germs to exist – they need them to be able to practice fighting away the diseases and sickness that germs bring them.  

6) No E.Bola jokes (though we would rather there’s just no E.Bola)

We were warned about the night being young and full of terrors, the silver linings with a touch of grey, the lights at the end of the tunnel – or simply, the good, the bad and the ugly. Having bacteria around comes with all of this.

7) Lastly, because we need bacteria to decompose…

The world would be an open graveyard and vultures would welcome it like an open-ended all day ticket to Disneyland.

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