Google Knows Your Secret Desires Based On The Movies You See

Can’t decide what movie to watch? This study by Google feels your pain.

In 2013, 68 percent of Americans and Canadians went to the movies – which roughly translates into 228.7 million moviegoers. In an age where movies are released left, right and center, how do people decide on which movies to watch?

Google, in collaboration with Millward Brown Digital, conducted a study to shed some light on what motivating factors are involved.

Surprisingly, four out of five people who decide to do a little online search prior to watching a movie chose to go to YouTube, rather than the popular Internet Movie Database or Rotten Tomatoes. It was found that a movie’s official trailer was considered three times more likely to influence their decision to watch it. Of course, information on the cast (11 percent) and a friend’s opinion (8 percent) were also cited.

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It’s no surprise that 70 percent of moviegoers consider multiple options before deciding on one. We’ve all been there, right? Do we feel like watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall hopelessly in love with each other or would we rather watch the Hulk smash things up? Evidently people who prefer certain genres tend to care about different aspects of the movie.

It seems like there’s a trend of when people decide to watch horror movies. For whatever reason, it doesn’t say whether horror films were most frequented late at night or otherwise – but that’s an easy guess.

The study highlights one pretty obvious fact: People want to know all sorts of things about the movies they choose to watch. Moviegoers tend to Google everything and anything about the movie they’re interested in seeing. They want to know who’s in the movie, who made the movie, who sang in the movie, what is the movie about, when does it come out, why does it have a good/bad rating – the Google searches cover all the bases.

Lastly, it seems there are some strange trends for moviegoers of certain genres. People who watch the trailers of family movies tend to also be interested in soundtracks. Can anyone remember Frozen, which taught us how to “Let It Go"? Even more bizarre, is that it found that people who watched action flick trailers also wanted to know about home and gardening.

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