Hand Drying: Paper Vs. Dryer. Who Wins?

It's a choice faced in public restrooms worldwide. What's the best way to dry your hands after washing?

When you're washing hands in a public bathroom, you have a decision to make. Should you use an automatic hand dryer or go with a tried and true paper towel? 

What to choose depends on your goal - cleaning germs off your hands or being kind to the environment. 

AsapSCIENCE explains that paper towels have the upper hand for cleaning bacteria off our hands. But dryers may be better for the environment as there are no trees used or waste paper towels that end up in land fills. 

Now that it's cold and flu season, hand washing is more important than ever. You can prevent colds and other illnesses such as the flu using good hand washing methods. You'll also keep you from passing on viruses to others if you're sick. 

No matter how you choose to dry, be sure to wash! 


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