These people have a fun tool to fight bullying with

Here's an inspiring video that will stun every young person, and why shouldn't they be?

This stunningly edited video shows some awesome youngsters with very cool Parkour moves.

Testing their physical strengths, they have a great way of interacting with the environment around them.

Known popularly as an urban sport, this video shows it is one great sport to play and encourage wherever you might be. Somersaulting, jumping and catapulting along their way, it's honing the young people's natural instinct of interacting with the physical environment around them. 

What a great way of equipping young people to have stronger bodies and minds:

The introvert

Shy to face other kids? Interacting with nature in this athletic form can create a sense of accomplishment. You are pushing your boundaries when you recreate a park, a field, a play ground, or a valley and turn it into your Parkour ground which in turn is confidence-boosting.

The bullied

The quick thinking, confidence-boosting exercise is sure to create a personality that can deter itself from bullying. Constant bullying can also create a huge sense of frustration in the young victim. An athletic activity like this might just impress the bully so much, he might be scared to come near you.

The vulnerable

Self-defence is something every young girl should be taught, as should boys. Parkour can be a fun way of encouraging agility, re-thinking of what we have around us and working with it to rush to safety.

The troubled

Kids may be like this due to lack of confidence, a natural feeling of no one getting them, or because now they are unable to defy rules. Parkour comes naturally and has no right or wrongs to begin with. Its not defined by “rules” and in fact defies them. What can be cooler than that?  

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