Heart Surgeon Discusses ‘Holding The Human Heart’ (VIDEO)

This video above originally appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network as a part of a Soul Pancake special on love and now uploaded on YouTube with the description:

We wanted to discover what science can teach us about love. Here's what we learned. What do you believe our hearts hold?

It features; heart surgeon Dr. Kathy E. Magliato talking with Janet Choi about her complicated specialty and her conviction in the fact that the heart is connected directly to the soul. 

Her beautiful explanation in this 7:08 minute video makes you teary eyed.

Here’s what people commented on this incredible video:


i love how passionate she is about her job; when i grow up i hope i can be as passionate about my job as well. i love it soulpancake, thanks for this video :)


Absolutely lovely

Oluseyi Kolade

Oh wow. Soul Pancake you did it again! You made me cry. Beautiful. Thank you

Leslie Hirata

That was beautiful :')


Her story of the baby made me cry.

Kevin Charlson

What a warm and loving woman!

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