New York’s Top 10 Dirtiest (And Cleanest!) Fast Food Joints

Thanks to an inquisitive blogger we now have the list of the cleanest fast food joint in NYC.

Whether he wanted to while away some time or was just curious, Ben Wellington went to the Department of Health’s site and dug up the neatest fast food outlet in entire NYC area.

What he found there was amazing; among all the joints across the city, including Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robins, McDonald’s, Papa Jones, etc., the one chain that stood out was White Castle.

Yes, it may not be the hip and happening place, nor teenagers’ favorite hang out but what it misses out on in terms of swag, it more than makes up for in cleanliness.

Upon inspection by the city’s health inspectors, violation points are given out to restaurants. A score of 13 or less means an A grade, 14-27 leads to a B and 28 or higher lands one in a precarious C. 

So here are the top 5 cleanest places:

White Castle:  10.0

Taco Bell: 11.8

Starbucks Coffee: 11.8

Pizza Hut: 13.0

Baskin Robins: 13.2

As for the dirtiest 5; here they are:

IHOP: 20.6

Papa John’s Pizza: 18.2

Domino’s Pizza: 18.1

Boston Market: 18.0

Burger King: 17.8

Here’s a chart to give a complete list of fast food places in the city according to their cleanliness:

Now hasn’t that cleared up some things?


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