The 5 Most Offensive Ads Featuring Adolf Hitler

June, 4, 2014: Can we get rid of all these silly ads once and for all?

For some, Adolf Hitler is a reminder of the harrowing atrocities committed during his reign and for others he is the physical representation of human evil. However, since when did he become a center point for selling shampoos and teapots?

Advertising blogger Copyranter is of the opinion that Hitler “may be the most over- and misused creative linchpin in advertising today.”

Check out the list of the most offensive ads featuring Hitler that have inadvertently caused the most outrage:

5. Christian Ministry’s Big Mistake

A billboard recently erected by Alabama-based Life Savers Ministries (LSM), featuring a quote by Hitler, sparked controversy left, right, and center.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” read the advertisement aimed to promote its services for under-privileged children.  The thoughtless inclusion of Hitler next to a Bible quote and a picture of four children offended a lot of people and prompted the organization to take it down.

4. JC Penney’s Hitler Teapot

Last year, American retailer JC Penney invited trouble after they unveiled a Hitler look-alike teapot which upset a lot of people while amused others. One of the comments on a Reddit post featuring the image stated, “My morning coffee is going to taste like genocide tomorrow.”

The ad, which stirred controversy, also stirred up sales. The designer of the Kettle Michael Graves told CNBC that although he could not see the resemblance to Hitler, he did see the sales figures.

3. Anti-Islam Bus Ad

In May 2014, American Freedom Defence Initiative (AFDI)decorated 20 Metro buses with photos featuring Hitler merrily chatting with Haj Amin al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem during the Second World War.

The ad, which "Islamic Jew-hatred" with Adolf Hitler, was shunned by many as hate speech and the inaccurate portrayal of the religion.

2. Hitler Vs. Chaplin?

Hitler references become far less amusing when it comes to Germany where he is always confined to discussions of historical tragedy and national identity. However, German hat-seller Thomas Weber pulled off an incredible feat by advertising his products using an image of the Nazi dictator.

While Germany’s younger generation may be more flexible in dealing with it, older residents expressed grave displeasure. 80-year-old Elisabeth Jumpelt was "quite surprised that a serious businessman of his generation could be talked into this sort of advertising."

1. Adolf Dean

This truly bizarre mash up of the Fuhrer and James Dean was done by the South African advertising agency‘The Jupiter Drawing Room’ for CNAand was promoted with the tag line, “Whether it's a documentary on a dictator you can't forget or a rebel you'll never want to, we've got it.

It may not have offended a lot of people but it sure did not go well with us. Our beloved James Dean did not deserve to be subjected to such an atrocity. That’s enough internet for today.

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