Ho, ho, ho! It Wasn't Santa That Came Down This Chimney

A women got stuck in a chimney after meeting a man online.

Holy smokes! One California homeowner is seriously rethinking online dating after a woman he met on a dating site was rescued from the chimney at his home. 

The sound of sobbing gave her away and neighbors called the police. 

Deputies found Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa trapped inside the chimney. The homeowner, who went on a few dates with the woman before ending the relationship, was not home at the time. 

Ventura County Fire Department and Urban Search and Rescue members had to dismantle the chimney to get her out. She was lubricated with dish soap so she could be squeezed out of the small opening. 

Two weeks ago, the same woman was spotted on the homeowners roof but she vanished before the police arrived. 

"I'm going to be a little more cautious of who I invite into my house now," said Lawrence, who did not want to reveal his last name.

We're guessing Santa won't be hiring her help with Christmas Eve deliveries. 


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