Ho, ho, NO. "SantaCon" Backlash. Civil Rights Lawyer Hired

New York City's annual bar crawl attracts thousands partying down in red suits.

New York City's annual bar crawl, SantaConhas turned into a rowdy mess with screaming Santa's stumbling through the streets going from bar to bar. In past years, there have been reports of drunk Santas urinating, vomiting and even enjoying sex acts in public.

Oh Santa! What would Mrs. Clause think?!?

Local leaders have been telling the event it wasn't wanted in a seasonal backlash that's growing stronger every year. 

Now the secretive organizers have retained famous civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel to represent them. The group has issued a statement and plans to defend the event: 

"While this event will always poke fun at society and the overly-commercialized aspects of the holiday (culture jamming), Santa and the Elves are working closely with city officials, the Parks Department and NYPD on better formats to manage the event while growing it as a much beloved annual tradition for the city."

The #DontScroogeSantaCon hashtag is being used to encourage participants to be on their best red and white behavior.

"We are looking to change a lot this year," said one SantaCon organizer.  

Did you hear that red and white revilers? Shape up or you'll be banished to the North Pole! 

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