Company Removes Sexist Ad Instead Of Facing Social Media Wrath

San Francisco's Homejoy cleaning company rushed to take down an ad and apologize, but the only problem is, no one was complaining about it.

San Francisco-based cleaning company Homejoy’s ad resembles one of the sexist 1950s commercials and has been taken off from social media. However, the company’s actions may have been a little too drastic.

The startup pulled the ad from social media even before it caused a furor.

It showed a home with the wife lifting up a couch and vacuuming as the husband remained lying on top of it, while their baby girl is sitting in the floor and watching  TV.

The ad would probably have gone unnoticed had it not been for this tweet:

Not long afterwards, Homejoy took the ad down: 

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What made them take down the ad? Yes, it was tweeted but there was no criticism and no one asked the company for a comment or explanation. What then?

Screen writer and comedian Jesse Berney, who tweeted about the ad, is also perplexed. "I wasn't trying to start a campaign to get the ad taken down. I just thought it was funny given the piece Jessica Valenti had posted that same day about men doing more housework," he said. He agrees though that “it was the right call on their part."

Perhaps Homejoy got scared. It’s very easy to make a mountain out of a molehill nowadays and there are many issues that social media activists have picked up – no matter how big or small.

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Political correctness has reached a point where people must constantly remain on their toes. A slip of the tongue or jokes that can be taken the wrong way will not be tolerated.

However, wouldn’t it be better if Homejoy had stuck their ground and explained their point of view or even waited for someone to make a fuss about it? One hopes they had no malicious intent and probably just used the stock image because it was a funny take on household being the responsibly and how the company offered to make it easy for them. But by pulling the ad, they seem to be saying there actually was something discriminatory in it.

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