How A Man Helped His Wife Battle Breast Cancer… In A Tutu?

“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” The Tutu Project began with Bob and Linda Carey and their journey with helping Linda cope with the breast cancer.

the tutu project, man in tutu, breast cancer

When people hear of someone having cancer, we immediately empathize with the person being diagnosed, and rightly so. However, cancer effects more than the person that is diagnosed with it, it effects their loved ones as well. When Linda Carey was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband Bob Carey decided to help his wife cope in a different way. Bob Carey stripped down, put on a tutu, and began taking pictures in the most random places.

the tutu project, man in tutu, breast cancer, man in tutu pics

Bob explained that when Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer he went into “self-therapy mode.” He took using humor in difficult situations to the next level. Not only did Bob help Linda heal with his funny pictures, he helped thousands of others who viewed the pictures of Bob who is slightly overweight, hairy, and wearing a pink tutu.

man in tutu, breast cancer, the tutu project

“It just makes me laugh to see my husband dancing around,” explained Linda, “It helps me be positive. The more I laugh the better I feel.” When Linda would go for her breast cancer treatments, she would share the images of Bob in a pink tutu, and the other women would laugh.

the tutu project, man in tutu, breast cancer

An ancient proverb says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” The tutu project is proof of that. Take a look at these images and let us know how it makes you feel. Maybe share it with someone who needs a little laugh, love, and inspiration.

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