Here’s How KFC Makes Its Fried Chicken

This is an excellent behind-the-scenes fast food video that will not gross you out.

Gawker's “SPLOID” visited a KFC kitchen and found the fast food chain has a pretty straight-forward way of cooking its famous Original Recipe chicken – except for the part where they fry it.

The process starts with the inspection of the meat. It’s checked for any bruising, excess fat or stray feathers. The chicken is then brined and dried before herbs and spices are added to it. An employee later tosses it into a flour mixture, where it’s thoroughly coated with bread.

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To quote SPLOID, the method is “basically like how your grandma would do it—except they use an infernal magic machine called 'pressure fryer' – which allows meat to be cooked faster and with less oil than usual."

According to Slate:

“Pressure frying is based on the same principle as the then-new technology of pressure cooking. By fitting a pot with a very tight lid, you can create a high-pressure environment in which the boiling point of water is raised above its normal 212 degrees Fahrenheit. With the water hotter than normal, tough cuts of meat that normally require long braising times can be done relatively quickly.”

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There’s just one problem though – we still don’t get to know the secret 11 herbs and spices used in the recipe.

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