How Singer Natalie Grant Got Tricked But Had The Last Laugh

Natalie Grant gets tricked by a weird fan. But the joke is on the hoaxer in the end.


Christian Gospel singer Natalie Grant is now among the stars that have been the victim of a hoax. Natalie was tricked into believing one of her fans, a little girl name Claire that was supposedly dying of cancer, was real.

The mother of this “dying child” contacted Natalie Grant via email and telephone and even sent her pictures and letters in the mail. She expressed to Natalie that her song “Held” was helping to keep her daughter strong during her battle with cancer. So Natalie got on the phone with the little girl and sang “Held” to her. But something just didn’t feel quite right to Natalie as she spoke to Claire.

“I never could quite shake that feeling, that in the back of my head that something about it just didn't sound like a real little girl. I struggled with guilt, thinking how could you even think that?” stated Natalie.

As it turns out Natalie’s instinct was right, there was no little girl named Claire. And the pictures she was receiving were actually of a little girl named Ellie Skees, who had tragically passed away 5 years prior to Natalie Grant ever even seeing her picture.

After Natalie Grant found out that she was deceived, she was able to turn the cruel joke back onto the hoaxer in a positive way. Natalie was able to meet with the family of Ellie Skees, the actual girl in the picture. Elli’s father, John Skees, stated that the same song that the hoaxer used (Held) to talk to Natalie Grant, is a song that has real meaning for the Skees family. 

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