How To Ensure You Have A Solid Weekend In Ten Seconds

Have ten seconds? You can make a big contribution to the world.

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Think about the moment on Sunday night when it hits you that it’s Sunday night, and before long you’ll be going to bed, and your next moment of waking consciousness will be on Monday morning with a full slog ahead of you. So often, this moment doesn’t sting because the party is over, it stings because you feel like you barely did anything over the weekend, amiright? All those things you don’t have time for, so you aspire to wake up on Saturday with the bounce of a yoga teacher and tackle every errand that dared err in your direction. Then you come to on Sunday night and the aspirations barely match up with the results.

If you want a pep talk on being proactive and successful, there are 4.3 zillion books and 19.8 zillion blog posts offering just that. If that’s what you came here for, let me know in the comments and I can oblige. But what I’m offering here is a quick way to notch an early, non-superficial success. You see, dear reader, there are websites out there which have a deal with their sponsors in which you click a button, a good thing happens in the world (a tree is planted, hungry people are fed, etc.) and somewhere in there, the sponsor’s logo appears on the screen. The sponsor gets cheap and positive advertising, the non-profit helps fulfill its mission and you get to feel good. And it’s not a superficial feeling either, because the good you are doing is small, but very real. So:

Go to Land Care Niagara, and just below the banner with pictures you’ll see a button that says “Enhancing Niagara Naturally: Click here to plant a tree now!”

BOOM! You just planted a tree! Okay, you didn’t collect seeds, find fertile ground and sow the seeds, but you are responsible for a tree getting planted. I just did it twice. Even if I waste away this entire weekend that I have promised to the book I’m reading and the book I’m writing, I just planted two trees. You did your laundry? Not bad, but I planted two trees!

And that’s not all: I have, so far, contributed 490 grains of rice to hungry people. It took about two minutes. How? Through, an exceptionally cool website that asks you vocabulary questions, and donates 10 grains of rice for each correct answer. 490 grains is only so much. My guess is that that’s enough to be the base of 3-5 solid meals. 3 to 5 solid meals! Currently, Free Rice is highlighting an emergency campaign to feed displaced families in war-torn Syria. It’s surreal that my answering vocab questions in California could cause a couple more people to get a good meal in Syria, but that is the interconnected world we live in.

See if you can beat my Free Rice score of 49 consecutive correct answers. Careful though, the vocab game can get addictive, and you might find you aren’t getting very much else done.

Know about other easy charities? Let me know in the comments, and also tell me your free rice scores. And, by the way, I just click-planted another tree.

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