You Won’t Believe These Wordsmiths Were Terrible At Spelling Bee

Regardless of our command over language, there are some spellings that baffle the best of us. Amazingly, we are not alone. Here are some renowned writers sharing their Spelling Bee nightmares.

Memories of blunders and respect for those with good spelling pop up in our heads every time there’s a Spelling Bee Contest.

So it’s no wonder that #TweetYourLosingSpellingBeeWord started trending on Twitter right about the time of the Scripps National Spelling Bee

The trend was started by Daily Dot’s Cooper Fleishman and went viral before one could snap a finger. 

Before long, there was a flood of tweets from people sharing their Spelling Bee horrors – including prominent writers and editors.

Here are some of them:

Tim Donelly: New York PostFeatures Reporter And Editor @  Brokelyn

Taylor Lorenz: Head of Social Media at the Daily Mail:

Jessica Misener: Senior Editor at BuzzFeed

Stefan Becket: Associate Editor, New York Magazine and Writer for NYMag, Intelligencer, and The Science Of Us

Jeffrey Zuckerman: Digital Editor Music Lit Mag

Hillary Reinsberg: Editor and Writer at BuzzFeed

Kevin Lincoln: Writer for New York Times Magazine, GQ, Grantland and Pacific Standard

Kat Kinsman: Managing Editor CNN's Food Blog at Eatocracy, Writer CNN Living

According to Oxford Dictionaries accommodate, accommodation, assassination, calendar, committee, dilemma, fluorescent, idiosyncrasy, receive, until, occurrence, publicly and unforeseen are among the most misspelled words.

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