10 Inspiring People From Around The World

Here are 10 extremely inspiring examples from the ‘Humans of…’ series from various cities around the world.

Each human is a story in his or herself, some stories are happy, some sad, some are full of regrets, some are a source of happiness, pride and hope for all.

But the following ten photos show instances of hope and inspiration all the way from Afghanistan to New York.

Inspiring People


"Trust me, this is the best way to explore the city. We made about 20km on these today and still running. And no, we are not too old for this. Even if some people might think so."

Inspiring People


"I've been trying to get into a full time orchestra for the past 20 years. I'd guess I've been to over 200 auditions. It can be pretty heartbreaking. I tried out for the New York Philharmonic four times. One time I prepared three months for the Los Angeles Philharmonic audition, flew all the way across the country, and they cut me off after twelve seconds. But believe or not, I still have a certain amount of optimism about the process. And I think I'm getting better."

Inspiring People


This is my Father's Day submission for the woman who raised me better than any man ever could. Laughing in the face of every hardship, she taught me to be strong, honest and independent and she did it all on her own.

No disrespect to all the amazing men out there, but here's a shout out to all the women who are not only mothers but also fathers to their children.

Inspiring People


"In spite of all the struggles, my smile never leaves me ....

In these situations you feel (opti- pessimistic)... you can't tell either you are optimistic or pessimistic

Inspiring People


"Our home is gone, our money is little, but our love is a lot. We are happy as long as we are together."

Inspiring People


I saw this girl walking all the way across the entire train station to give some change to an old men who was struggling to find money in his pockets to buy a ticket. I chased her down out of the station to take her photo. Fortunately she didn't think I was a maniac.

"My dream is to study architecture in the States. I'm working every night to fulfill it."

Inspiring People


“I used to host a family TV show. I faced a lot of harassment, from relatives, neighbors, and from strangers when I was out of the house. Afghan society is still very conservative, and there are people who cannot accept a woman on TV. Female presenters have been attacked, raped, and even killed for appearing on TV. So now I prefer to be a producer working behind the scenes. Even though this is better, there are days when I say to myself, ‘I need to stop everything and start a career doing something else.’ But I cannot give up so easily, and I’m going to continue to build my career in media.”

Inspiring People


- "Every morning I wake up and think time is racing ahead of me, and that I need to run after it."
- "Have you ever caught up with it?"
- "Yes. Several times in my life I've felt I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."
- "What about now?"
- "Still running!"

Inspiring People


"Every Norouz I take out an imaginary eraser and wipe out all the bad and bitters moments that I had last year. I believe it makes room for happier times."

Fereshteh and her daughters, Bahareh and Sara.

Inspiring People


"I've been doing this for 20 years, wearing the same uniform and working at this very spot."
"If you could do things differently, what would you do?"
"My family was so poor that they couldn't afford sending me to school. I always wonder where I would be if I had been educated. Today, I earn money so that my children can go to school and they don't have to pick odd jobs like me. When they complain about going to school - I tell them my story and stress on how without education life is so difficult."

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