Instead Of A Ticket, Cop Takes Mom To Walmart

An officer could have ticketed mom but pulled out his own wallet instead.

The police have had a lot of negative coverage in the U.S. this year. From shooting unarmed citizens to accusations of racism, it's not easy to be a member of law enforcement lately.  

However, here's a heartwarming story and a reminder that most police take public safety seriously. 

Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall was on patrol in Michigan this weekend when he pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation.  He discovered a small child in the car who was wearing a seat belt but not in a child’s car seat. The young mother told the officer Hall that she couldn't afford one at that time because of money problems. 

Instead of giving the mom a ticket, Officer Hall had her pull into a Walmart parking lot. Hall went inside and purchased a car seat to keep her daughter safe.

Here's hoping for an uptick in positive police stories! 



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