This Is What 'Beautiful' Looks Like Worldwide

'Make me beautiful.' A journalist's simple request uncovers what often-unrealistic beauty standards we have.

Every country has its own idea of ultimate beauty, but journalist Esther Honig found a way put those often-unattainable beauty standards side-by-side, using her own face as a template.

Honig sent a picture of herself -- bare shouldered, no makeup, hair loosely pulled back into a bun -- to designers around the world with a simple request: Make me beautiful.

In 22 pictures and counting, Honig takes us on a fascinating discovery to see which countries' designers felt the need to add make up, tweak her eyebrows, create a new hairstyle, add a hijab and even lighten her skin. 

To see all of Honig's "makeovers," visit her website, where her gallery is growing as more designers submit their idea of a woman's ultimate beauty.

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