Your Favorite Spread Turns 50! 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Nutella

Nuts for Nutella? Your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread just turned 50.

Nutella 50 Anniversary

Did you know that Nutella, the super addictive chocolate hazelnut spread that has ruled millions of palates for decades, turned fifty years old on May 18 this year?

Italian confectionery and chocolatier Ferrero announced plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary last week.

The celebrations began in Nutella’s hometown, Alba, Italy, on Saturday. Fifty other countries, including Canada, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, planned events for the special day.

Before you run off to the kitchen to grab a spoonful of the delicious sugary treat, make sure you read the following facts about Nutella. They are sure to make your day even sweeter.

1.     Napoleon Bonaparte and World War II played an important role in the evolution of Nutella:

Nutella 50 Anniversary

In the early 1800s, when French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power and waged wars in Europe, the cost of cocoa skyrocketed and left Italian chocolatiers in the region of Piedmont with no choice but to use chopped hazelnuts in their creations to meet the demands of customers.

The resulting product was a creamy paste which was initially dubbed “gianduia” (pronounced "john-doo-yah").

Years later, during World War II, the world witnessed yet another phase in which chocolate prices soared to an all time high.

At that time, an Italian baker named Pietro Ferrero came up with the brilliant idea of serving pasta gianduja, which was a small loaf of chocolate hazelnut mixture placed on a slice of bread.

Afterward, he launched a spreadable version called supercrema gianduja, which was later rebranded as "Nutella”.

2.     Largest Breakfast Record:

Nutella 50 Anniversary

Nutella holds a record for the world’s largest breakfast ever.

It involved 27,854 people in celebration of its 40th anniversary of at the Arena AufSchalke, Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 29 May 2005.

“All guests were given a breakfast bag containing two bread rolls, one carton of orange juice, two portions of butter, two portions of cream cheese, one carton of yoghurt drink and two portions of Nutella.”

3.     There Is A World Nutella Day:

Nutella 50 Anniversary

A couple of bloggers called on Nutella lovers across the globe unite to celebrate “World Nutella Day” on February 5. However, the idea did not sit well with the manufacturers who tried to shut down it down last year. The matter was later sorted out between the two parties and Ferrero let fans celebrate the day annually.

4.     How many hazelnuts are used inside all the jars of Nutella again?

Nutella 50 Anniversary

It would take 41,923 hazelnuts to cover the circumference of the Colosseum in Rome – that's 0.0001% of the number of hazelnuts used inside all the jars of Nutella sold in a year.

5.     How much Nutella was consumed last year?

Nutella 50 Anniversary

According to the BBC:

“Last year some 365 million kilos were consumed - roughly the weight of the Empire State Building - in 160 countries around the world.”

6.     Nutella Sales Versus World Population:

Nutella 50 Anniversary

While a child is born every eight seconds in the word, according to United States Census Bureau, one jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

7.     Thieves In Germany Pulled Off A $20,000 Nutella Heist:

Nutella 50 Anniversary

Last year in April, a group of German thieves stole 11,000 pounds of Nutella. That colossal load of the popular chocolate-hazelnut spread is estimated to be worth $20,710. The booty was traced to a truck parked at an old train station.

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