It’s Time To Burn The Ugly Christmas Sweater

When hipster embrace of ugly Christmas sweaters comes full circle, it’s time to run away screaming.

In this holly jolly season running up to Christmas, it’s almost a guarantee: You’ll get an invite to an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Resist the urge to find the fugliest, most over-the-top, scratchiest sweater you can stand. It’s time to kill the ugly Christmas sweater party trend.

There are two kinds of people who normally don’t go together – moms and hipsters – that let us know this Christmas trend is more tired than Santa on Dec. 25. Ugly sweater parties started out as a poke at moms and grandmoms especially. Bless their hearts, but they probably didn’t realize crocheted Frosty the Snowman or bedazzled winter scenes weren’t the hippest winter wear.

Let’s be honest, a lot of us went shopping for ugly sweaters right in mom’s closet. But now moms are on to us and wearing their ugly sweaters ironically. That’s when you know a trend has come full circle.

Speaking of irony, hipsters also have come full circle on the whole ugly Christmas sweater party too. Just a few years ago it would’ve been too mainstream to even considering riding a fixed gear bike over to an ugly sweater party. But now it’s so mainstream, it’s ironic to have these parties again.

Anything hipsters believe in, the rest of us should run screaming from. Just watch:

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