These Real Life PSAs Give A Great Lesson In Drinking Responsibly

Well-dressed drunks passed out on streets are a normal sight on an average night in Tokyo. How one of Japan’s largest chain of bars are dealing with this drink-till-you-drop problem is incredible.

Yaocho, one of the largest chain of bars in Tokyo got together with advertising company Ogilvy and Mather to tackle this problem. Their solution is top-class. They make human signboards out of the drunks. So what one sees is a random drunk man or woman on a side walk or any other place surrounded by a square of white tape with the hashtag #NOMISUGI, meaning "too drunk" placed near them.

Instagram and Twitter users all over Japan have been capturing these impromptu ads, which are an effort to shame people into behaving better.

According to an organization called This Japanese Life, “Sixty percent of problem drinkers are salaried businessmen who claim that getting drunk with clients or coworkers is part of their job and a mark of company loyalty. To refuse a drink from the boss is a terrible insult that can damage a career. And although alcohol consumption is now decreasing in most industrialized countries, it has quadrupled in Japan since 1960.”

“It’s not that the Japanese drink more than any other country, it’s that most of it seems to be consumed in single sessions,” they add.

Making sloth drunks into poster boys and girls to encourage responsible drinking is a phenomenal idea. Isn’t it?

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