This Maxim Cover Sent Tempers Flaring To Nuclear Levels In Japan

What we have above is a typical maxim cover but it has sent tempers in Japan skyrocketing to nuclear levels.

What we have above is a typical maxim cover but it has sent tempers in Japan skyrocketing  to nuclear levels.

The words circled in red above offer to tell you all about dating a Japanese woman who hasn’t been exposed to radiation.

It rubbed a lot of people in the Land of The Rising Sun the wrong way and it’s not like the Japanese need another reason to hate the South Koreans.

The reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi station in Japan remain a touchy subject even after three years.

Watch: Homeless People Sold In Fukushima To Clean Up Radiation

The magazine did apologize- well, sort of.

 “I would like to apologize for causing discomfort and inflicting harm on a large number of Japanese people as a result of the text on the February issue. I am reflecting on this incident in my heart and would like to apologize to anyone who was deeply offended,” MAXIM‘s editor-in-chief said in a public apology on the magazine’s official homepage on Feb 5.

But to be fair, his apology did more to ignite the sparks when it changed tone.

His exact words went something like this:

“The recent brash remarks coming from Japan concerning Dokdo/Takeshima and the island dispute (the International Court of Justice case), Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, and the issue of comfort women, have unintentionally caused us to make a mistake.”

And no, it didn’t end there. The ‘apologetic’ editor went on to say, “I will apologize for a second time to the many Japanese who harbor amicable feelings towards South Korea and continue to wait for the correct resolution to Dokdo/Takeshima and other historical problems. I wish to thank the readers who reprimanded us out of love.”

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