This Might Be The Most Wasteful Advertising Stunt Ever

May, 16, 2014: This might be the lowest point commercial advertising has hit.

Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka is pulling the most pointless advertising stunt in the history of mankind.

On Thursday, the company announced its plansto launch a can of its popular drink Pocari Sweat in space and land it on the moon’s surface.

The plan, which is as dumb as the drink’s name, aims to deliver “dreams of children gathered from visits to primary schools in and out of Japan” all the way up to the moon.

The project also envisages a Lunar Dream Messenger service which enables people to deliver their messages to the moon. According to the company’s statement, these messages “can be sent by aiming a smartphone towards it only during a moonlit night.

Currently the company is in process of designing a one kilogram canister made of Titanium and filled with the powdered flagship drink and the dreams of children.  The unfortunate can will then become the first commercial product delivered to another world for marketing purposes. Incidentally, it will also be the first case of human littering on the moon for commercial purposes.

According to the company, the stunt will inspire young people to become astronauts, so they can travel the 380,000 kilometers to our closest celestial neighbor, crack open the can, and consume the powder inside. Since the drink’s name itself sounds like sweat, it certainly didn’t inspire us to do so.

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