Want A Wedding Without A Husband? This Agency Has You Covered

This agency has given the phrase “going solo” a whole new meaning.

 Japanese Solo Weddings

If you are a single woman and your idea of a perfect wedding does not include a groom then don’t worry at all – a Japanese company in Kyoto has got you covered.

Cerca Travel is offering a never-before-heard “solo weddings” for women who want to experience marital bliss but only for a couple of days – and without a partner.

Apart from a tour, the ladies who opt for the package, which costs around $2,750, get to wear makeup, a beautiful wedding dress and have their pictures taken by a professional photographer.

“Offer yourself an opportunity to experience the feeling of being a princess in a beautiful and charming city of Kyoto!” the agency states on its website.

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While the idea might sound a little weirdly depressing to many, the company's president, Yukiko Inoue says she created the package "to encourage women to have positive feelings about themselves.” However she also admits that some people have said it would be “lonely, miserable and sad” to use it.

Moreover, keeping the latest trends of marriage in Japan into account, Cerca Travel will probably have a good customer base locally.

"Nationwide, more Japanese are living alone for a number of reasons – among them aging, urbanization, later marriage age and rising divorce rates," according to recent statistics.

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Still don’t think the idea would fly? Well, it has taken off - apparently. The service, launched in May, has reportedly made over 30 women from all over Japan “solo brides.”

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