Jessica Simpson Shares Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Simpson’s weight has been the topic of discussion among the media for years.

Sadly before she ever even got pregnant, the singer/reality t.v. star always got a lot of flak for her fluctuating waist line. After she got pregnant, however, the topic of Jessica Simpson’s weight went to another level of cruelty. Despite the negative headlines, Jessica took the high road, and is laughing all the way to the bank. Jessica turned a negative into a positive. She did this by doing a show, The Price of Beauty, where she went around the world to see what other people considered beautiful, as well as to prove that the American media and fashion industry’s standards of beauty are unrealistic and there is not just one way to be beautiful. She also became a Weight Watchers ambassador and has lost most of her baby weight in a healthy way. Below are some of Jessica Simpson’s weight loss tips.

Set small goals

Jessica Simpson sat down with Weight Watchers for an interview, discussing her most recent weight loss tips. Jessica explained that she likes to set small goals for herself that she can achieve on a weekly basis. Instead of looking at this huge amount of weight you want to lose, take it in small steps, one day at a time.

Get support

Working out alone is not that fun, and trying to stay motivated alone is even harder. Jessica Simpson next weight loss tip is to get support from friends and family. This will help you encourage one another and also keep each other accountable!


Make it a lifestyle

Weight loss tip #3 is don’t diet, make it a lifestyle. Jessica Simpson has told Weight Watchers in a live chat that she doesn’t diet. She has made the way she eats part of her everyday life.


Jessica Simpson’s weight loss wouldn’t be complete without a workout! Check out the video below to see how Jessica Simpson’s trainer trains her.


Of course as the Weight Watchers ambassador, Jessica Simpson believes in Weight Watchers because it has worked for her in her weight loss journey. She likes it because she can still eat anything she wants, but there is structure to how much she eats. There is also balance. If you have struggled for balance in your weight loss journey, maybe Weight Watchers is right for you.

Let us know what weight loss tips you have in the comments below!

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