These Women Turned Gender Stereotypes Into A Thriving Business

Here’s a success story that will scratch numerous men under the hood. Tired of being treated like fools, a group of women in Paris opened a garage run completely by women.

The result is Le Garage Au Feminin or Only Girls.


Most women who have cars and have ever taken them for repairs can relate to a disgruntled car owner, Sandrine Hautenne’s experience. “When you’re a woman, it’s like you’ve got ‘sucker’ tattooed on your forehead,” she says.  “One time, I went round to three different garages, and got three different estimates. Since then, I’ve sent my uncle to get estimates and guess what? The prices have dropped!” she adds.

She’s not alone; millions of women around the world have faced similar situations at car workshops.

Well, a group of women decided that they didn’t have to deal with this any longer and have proved those doubting them wrong.

“Only Girls” is a garage in Paris, France designed for women tired of being patronized by male mechanics. This garage only has women mechanics who are aces at their job and provide a stress free; reliable service. While their doors remain open to male customers, most of their clients are women.





Their professional attitude and expertise has already made them a force to reckon with and has been making news around town and internationally.

Sandrine herself is a regular at Only Girls and thrilled at being treated with respect instead of being dismissed, as a woman doesn’t know anything about cars.

What’s more, they have actually created a great space their female customers. They have a beauty corner for women who are waiting for their cars to get fixed as well as a children’s playroom and self-mechanic lessons for willing customers.



Even their waiting room is an example in esthetics- nothing like the regular smelly regular garages.

While their success is evident, they do have a fair share of naysayers to deal with. The Telegraph’s by-line for a story that features them reads, “Women flock to Paris all-female garage for manicures, massages and lessons in mechanics”

Hats and hoods off to the ladies who decided to take charge and do something about a problem instead of continuing to suffer and simply complaining about it.

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