7 Incredible Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Lefties

Don’t worry lefties, you have a ton of famous and successful people on your side.

Famous Lefties

As if life wasn’t already difficult for left-handed people, Harvard economist Joshua Goodman has found that left-handers, aka lefties, earn 10-12 percent less money than their right-handed peers because of the fundamental structure of their brains.

For his study, Goodman used three U.S. and two U.K. databases to evaluate the salaries, aptitudes, families and test scores of 47,000 people. According to his findings:

“Left-handed individuals show consistently lower cognitive skills and higher rates of mental and behavioral disabilities.”

Goodman added that this paper is the first to demonstrate that lefties also have consistently lower labor market earnings than right-handed individuals.

Well, you don’t really have to take this research seriously because we are about to tell you the names of remarkably famous and rich people who made it big in the world and were – that’s right – lefties.

Bill Gates:

Bill Gates Lefty

Here you go, one of the richest men alive on this planet is a southpaw.


Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey Lefty

Yep, Oprah is awesome and she is left-handed.


Paul McCartney:

Paul McCartney Lefty

Sir James Paul McCartney has consistently been one of the top 50 richest celebrities of all time. (Also, don’t forget his talent!)



Michelangelo Lefty

It’s true. Lefties have made history. Along with Michelangelo, his contemporaries Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci were also left-handed.


Marie Curie:

Marie Curie Lefty

Take note. Lefties can also be incredibly smart and intelligent.


Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar Lefty

The legendary cricketer may be a right-handed batsman but he is a lefty all the way.


Barack Obama:

Lefty Presidents

It’s not just Barack Obama. Apparently, several presidents of the United States have been people who were/are lefties.

So, this proves that southpaws can be athletic, powerful, rich and incredibly intelligent – sometimes all at the same time.

Go lefties!

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