Three Lessons On ‘Coming Out Of The Closet’ From Ash Beckham VIDEO

A four-year-old girl walked up to Ash Beckham, a waitress at a restaurant, and asked the latter whether she was a boy or a girl.

Ash turned and was ready to give the little one an earful, but instead ended up having one of her most straightforward conversations. Had Ash been given the chance to have the same talk earlier in her life, the former waitress would have been much more upfront with the people who shunned her for being gay.

That little encounter gave her all she needed to learn how to deal with people around her and whether to conform to certain norms or not.

She explains all of that in the talk she gave at TEDxBoulder- but there’s more:

Here are three Lessons From Her Talk That Will Change You Forever

·         It is important to come out of your closet- not just a LGBT closet, but any closet

We all have closets.

When we hear the words ‘coming out of a closet,’ we automatically associate them with ‘coming out as gay.’

But that is not the case at all as Ash points out. We all have closets- Isn’t telling your child you are getting divorced or confessing to your partner that you have been cheating on them is coming out of your closet?

·         One coming out is never harder than another

Hard is hard, there’s no such thing is harder she says. Telling your parent you are gay is just as hard as telling your boss you have been siphoning funds.

·         Once you have come out of your closet, be unapologetic

Apologize if you have hurt someone or made their lives hard, but never be apologetic for who you are; never be ashamed.


Facing and accepting reality can be hard but not harder than living with a lie or in accordance to someone else’s expectations. People’s expectations are their issue, not ours. We should not hurt them by any means, but if by not hurting them, we oppress ourselves and our conscience, it is much worse.

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